Change cell phone or leave Swisscom and keep 2G with Sunrise?

Change cell phone or leave Swisscom and keep 2G with Sunrise?
Le Nokia 220 2G / 4G.
Le Nokia 220 2G / 4G.

Some consumers might ask this question. In fact, cell phone owners of various operators who exclusively use the 2G network received from Swisscom a call several weeks ago to change their cell phones by the end of the year. And the deadline is approaching. Another option is to switch to Sunrise, including for individuals!

In fact, Sunrise’s connection might not be clear enough yet, but the operator assured me on Tuesday through the voice of its spokesperson Rolf Ziebold that 2G services would be available to companies as well. From individuals…. Until the end of 2022 at least! Complementary information to the official page on this topic …

Dynamic frequency distribution

But what are we talking about? While mobile phone frequencies are a rare commodity, will Sunrise still have a monopoly on antennas for this old second generation, a technology that dates back several decades and at the end of its life? No! So far, he mentioned a software solution developed with Huawei … but what are we talking about? What will it do on the 900MHz band we’re talking about?

“In the future, Sunrise will dynamically allocate frequencies in the 900 MHz band to the second generation when a 2G device in a radio cell requests a connection. SRAN (Single Radio Access Network) is the basis for this development that technology partner Huawei has deployed in its ‘Cloud Air'” function, Thanks to this, network operators can operate different radio standards on a network infrastructure, “notes Rolf Siebold.

For 4G and 2G networks

Concretely, this configuration will make it possible to use frequencies in 900 MHz, which carry a great distance and “cross walls well” to boost the current 4G. And in the event of the need to come and provide second generation services for old devices. These two are also quite suitable, as it is present in some cell phones.

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In fact, if you had to replace an old mobile phone with a new one, you might have chosen Nokia, such as the 220 model or others. Their privacy? Their ability to connect exclusively to 2G and 4G networks: Another option, if you want to stay with Swisscom or one of its sub-brands …

Xavier Studer

Notice. Do not forget to ask your operator to prevent roaming and transferring data on this type of device, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, especially with prepaid or limits …

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