Chamber President Bergkamp: “Amazingly long” formation Let’s evaluate it well

Chamber President Bergkamp: "Amazingly long" formation Let's evaluate it well

The fact that the last cabinet formation took so long is embarrassing and bad for citizens’ confidence in politics. This is why it is a good idea to have a thorough evaluation of the whole process, said Chamber President Vera Bergkamp in WNL Sunday.

“Netflix is ​​boring compared to this formation,” Bergkamp said, referring to all the incidents that have occurred in recent months, such as the leaking of Rutte’s statements about Representative Umtzigt and the controversy that followed.

According to her, the longest formation in history was “too special” and not worth repeating. She regrets that, in the meantime, important issues such as the allowances scandal and gas extraction in Groningen have stopped being addressed.

“Slightly faster”

Which is why a comprehensive assessment is necessary, Bergkamp says. It also wants to see the information submitted to the House of Representatives, which orders the formation of the Council of Ministers.

“I made it clear several times: hurry up. But then I got a general remark from the informants.” She did not agree with sources about the negotiating parties, and then told the press more than what the House of Representatives had heard.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives prefers to reach an agreement to inform Parliament “at regular intervals” of the progress of the formation process. “I think it would be good to see how we can better secure that.”


The prime minister, Mark Rutte, said at the end of last year that it might have been a mistake to keep the king out of the formation process. Bergkamp disagrees. “There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about the past, but the direction is now with the room. Besides, there was a lot going on, and I don’t think the King would have changed that.”

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However, the Speaker of the House wants to know if it would be wise to have an “independent operations supervisor” take a look at the formation. “That might make sense.”

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