CEO gives time code for Realme GT2 series launch

CEO gives time code for Realme GT2 series launch

AYOSEMARANG.COM Realme will launch a lot of new phones in 2022. One of the things we are looking forward to is the launch of the Realme GT2 series.

Ahead of the launch of the Realme GT2 series, Realme CEO gave a token when the company’s new flagship phone would be released in 2022. D

Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme, ensures that his company will present a new cell phone with some of the best innovations in 2022.

I mentioned from GSM circuit And Hitekno, the Realme GT2 series will later bring the Realme GT2 and Realme GT2 Pro. Besides the two new phones, Realme will also introduce a new tablet and laptop from its family.

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Regarding the release time of the Realme GT2 series, Madhav Sheth said that the device will be offered internationally in Europe and then will continue globally in other countries.

Not only the Realme GT2 series, the Chinese company will also present the latest tablets and laptops that already support the highly advanced Windows platform.

As part of a planned release in 2022, it is also believed that Realme will introduce a number of audio devices along with the existing SmartTV to develop Realme’s AIOT products.

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