Cellular Broadcast: What You Need to Know About the SMS Alert System | life and knowledge

Cellular Broadcast: What You Need to Know About the SMS Alert System |  life and knowledge

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You need to know this for Warning Day in December

Hey, what kind of SMS is this? Mobile phone owners in Germany are currently receiving an SMS on their device that a nationwide warning day is coming on December 8th. Behind that is the Cellular Broadcast Warning System, which will be used nationwide in the future.

What will happen on December 8th? At 11 o’clock in the morning, all residents of Germany must be prepared for an emergency with a drill.

Federal, state and local governments then want to test their warning options, with which they can inform residents of impending dangers in the event of an emergency. The pilot test aims to identify weaknesses and potential improvements in the alarm system.

From 11 a.m., warnings will be played on radio and television, and for the first time via SMS. These notifications are sent to all compatible devices such as broadcast signals. As soon as an SMS arrives, a loud beep will also sound. This means that users do not have to download a special app.

The reason for introducing the new warning system is the severe storm and floods that swept Wadi al-Ahrar last summer, claiming dozens of lives. The disaster made it clear that previous warning apps and sirens were not enough to reach populations across the board.

To receive the SMS warning messages, your mobile phone must be on and ready to be received. Google Android smartphones are compatible with version 11, iPhones require iOS versions 16, 15.7.1 or 15.6.1.

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