Cell Phone Network Test: This is the fastest mobile network in your city | life and knowledge

Cell Phone Network Test: This is the fastest mobile network in your city |  life and knowledge

Which German city has the fastest mobile surfing – and where does the expansion of mobile connections still leave something to be desired?

COMPUTER BILD clarifies this question each year with a comprehensive test of the network, conducted using its test app and COMPUTER BILD readers: more than 900,000 measurements between January and October 2022 form the basis for answering the question of how things really change the German network up.

BILD exclusively mentions the most important measurement results up front.

Mobile internet surfing is getting faster in Germany

The good news first: mobile browsing in Germany is getting faster and faster! The average download rate increased from 47.1 to 62.7 Mbps across Germany compared to the previous year. The reason for this is the expansion of fifth generation networks.

However, city dwellers in particular benefit from this. Some of Telekom’s networks here reach the level of fiberglass. On the other hand, if you live in the country, you may now have 5G, but with provider 02 the average speed here wasn’t significantly higher than previous LTE.

30 cities in comparison

But what is the specific situation in your city – and which providers have the best network?

Cologne comes out on top when it comes to download speeds: mobile users surf there with an average of 172.1 Mbps. At the bottom is Siegen: here it’s just 46.7 Mbps. Telekom is ahead in most cities – but not in all of them. In Dresden Vodafone has the advantage, in Bochum O2.

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All numbers for the 30 cities, broken down by provider, upload and download, can be found in the tables below. The full assessment of the network test, including the nationwide analysis of network coverage and all networks in a detailed comparison, can be found in the new edition of COMPUTER BILD 25/2022 – from December 2 in the booth!

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