CDU leader Merz warns of green ‘hostage’ in nuclear power plant dispute

CDU leader Merz warns of green 'hostage' in nuclear power plant dispute

DrCDU President Frederick Merz has warned against holding the Greens ideologically hostage in the row over the continued operation of German nuclear power plants. In light of the gas shortage, all three remaining German nuclear power plants will have to remain connected to the grid, Merz said Saturday at the CDU’s Southwest government party conference in Villingen-Schoeningen (Schwarzwald-Bar district). Merz said the whole world was stunned by the debate in this country.

CDU Federal President Friedrich Merz at the CDU state conference in Baden-Württemberg

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Looking at the decisions of the Green Party conference in Bonn, Merz said one of them was on his way “to take hostages from the Green Party, which, for purely ideological reasons, is taking the reasonable path taken by the great majority of people. In Germany it is considered reasonable and veiled – only so that the legend remains.” founding foundations of this party without this party congress being harmed.”

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The Traffic Light Coalition between SPD, Greens and the FDP has been arguing for weeks about how to deal with nuclear power. On Friday evening in Bonn, delegates to the Green Party conference decided by a clear majority to keep the southern German nuclear power plants Isar 2 and Neckarwestheim 2 in reserve until April 15 and to continue using them to generate electricity if necessary. On the other hand, the third remaining nuclear power plant in Emsland will finally be closed on January 1, 2023.

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