CDA Refuses to Ban Fireworks and Hoekstra Party Leader | Policy

CDA Refuses to Ban Fireworks and Hoekstra Party Leader |  Policy

The CDA is still against a blanket ban on fireworks. Members voted against a proposal to ban consumer sales this morning. At the same time, members of Wopke Hoekstra confirmed as the new party leader.

By opposing the fireworks ban, the party is challenging calls from notable CDA mayors Sybrand Buma (Leeuwarden) and Hubert Bruls (Nijmegen). Burullus in particular had previously called for “start now,” after the last round of the year was much quieter than previous releases.

Last week, the vote did not take place because the online election conference was plagued by technical problems. Yesterday is still working, and this morning the results were announced. During the vote, it was found that 606 members voted in favor of the ban and 631 against it. Therefore, the suggestion made by the Gelderland Division was rejected.

Hoekstra party leader

The CDA also confirmed this morning that Wopke Hoekstra is the new leader of the party, which he said is “extremely honorable”. Hoekstra was nominated by the board of directors at the end of last year, after Hugo de Jonge threw the towel. Members rallied in large numbers behind the new number 1: 1,189 voted for Hoekstra, compared to 55.

Hoekstra said after his election that he wanted to take care of young families with the CDA, “the rush hour of life”. The outgoing finance minister says he wants to give them a “helping hand”, among other things by ensuring that these families can benefit more from childcare.

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According to party leader Rutger Blume, Hoekstra has a “winning mentality”, which he believes is infectious in the party and motivates members. At the same time, Plum thanked de Jong. “What commitment and responsibility you show. You gave yourself completely to your party. It was an unforgettable experience.”

Roller coaster

The Chairman of the Board of Directors also praised a member of Parliament for the Community Development Authority, Peter Umtziget, for his continued role in raising awareness of the interest issue, which led to the cabinet’s resignation on Friday. Peter, we all take off our hats because you are committed to justice in society. According to Bloom, the CDA’s number two is hard-working. “We have the best deputy with you.”

According to Bloom, the CDA has been in a “rollercoaster” state recently. The party leader election went through a tumultuous path, and the switch in which De Jonge allowed Hoekstra demanded plenty of party employees. Blum did not comment on his role in the stakes. At the end of last year, members harshly criticized the party leader, because the elections that Hugo de Jong won were not going to be fair.

The CDA group is working on the Moria deal

During the conference, CDA members also supported a resolution for the Zeeland division. The party is not satisfied with the reception of refugees in the Moria camp on Lesbos, Greece. A deal was struck on this in the coalition, but according to the public, it offers little consolation.

This is the reason why the Parliamentary Party called on the CDA to improve the living conditions of refugees there and shorten the length of stay. The group should also urge Foreign Minister Anke Brokers-Noll that the Netherlands contribute to a European refugee distribution solution, “so that refugees actually receive adequate humanitarian assistance.”

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At a previous press moment, Wopke Hoekstra explained that he “had no other choice” but to accept the CDA’s position as leader:

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