CDA party leader Hoekstra shares information about Omtzigt’s health at meeting with at least 350 party members

CDA party leader Hoekstra shares information about Omtzigt's health at meeting with at least 350 party members
Wopke Hoekstra (CDA).Frick van den Berg statue / de Volkskrant

According to Van Rig, Omtzigt himself stated. Omtzigt rescinded his CDA membership after placing a critical memo on the street, which he drafted for the Commission of Inquiry into the CDA’s election defeat. Omtzigt has been at home with fatigue since the election in March and says he wants to continue as an independent member of parliament after falling ill.

At the Zoom meeting Tuesday night, which according to a CDA spokesperson was “closed to members,” at least three reporters attended: Norwegian Refugee Council, He. She Dutch daily newspaper The ANP news agency. The three media independently reported what Hoekstra had to say about Omtzigt: The deputy reportedly told the party leader at the start of his depletion that he was taking sixteen weeks off and that he would seek “medical help”.

medical indication

The CDA then denied to the ANP that Hoekstra had discussed Omtzigt’s medical file in front of hundreds of members. The party says it could have been about the “medical indication” that Omtzigt needed to get sick leave. Several CDA members reported on Twitter a message that they were there and that Hoekstra would not have spoken about Omtzigt’s medical data.

Various comments have been made about Omtzigt, including by outgoing minister Ank Bielefeld, who was recently an advisor to the party’s board of directors. Party leader Hoekstra, for example, said Bielefeld, and interim party chairman Marnix van Rijk, had spent dozens, dozens and dozens of hours in talks with Omtzegt to keep him inside the party.

And although the encounter was not intended for journalists, according to the CDA, according to Norwegian Refugee Council It was already reported on Tuesday evening that journalists would be present. Party chief Van Rig was going to point out this and Ank Bielefeld was going to address the “listening journalists” to ask if they wished to leave Omtzigt alone.

Journalists were linked through sources. the present second abbreviationSays the journalist, Auke van Eijsden, when asked that he just had to click and that he was let in after standing in line.

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