CDA leader Hoekstra: Omtzigt’s departure does not make formation more complicated

CDA leader Hoekstra: Omtzigt's departure does not make formation more complicated

The formation has not necessarily become more complex now that Peter Umtzegt has revoked his membership in the CDA. This is what party leader Hoekstra said before starting his conversation with Detective Hammer and leader ChristenUnie Segers.

“The playing field – when it comes to who can go with whom – looks tough anyway,” Hoekstra said. “And in that sense, it’s still the same as last week.” Therefore, the CDA is still willing to talk about Cabinet involvement, or in Hoekstra’s words: “If you can be aware of a lot of your agenda, you have to look at it seriously.”

By the way, the CDU leader has not thought much about the formation in recent days, he emphasized. “In the first place I was busy with the party.” It is expected to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Hoekstra is not afraid that Omtzigt’s departure will lead to further division, because, according to him, many people in the party “want to continue the agenda”. When asked if the split could be undone, the party leader said the door is always open. “If it can still be fixed, I’d love it.”

JA21 Volt

Since Omtzigt is no longer a member of the CDA, the House of Representatives is reduced from fifteen to fourteen seats. At least, when Omtzigt takes his seat again when he returns from his sick leave. CDA member Bontenbal is currently replacing Omtzigt.

In numbers, this means majority alliances of VVD, D66, CDA, JA21 or Volt are no longer possible. This will result in 75 seats. By the way, so far both options have been discussed indirectly in the information process.

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Hoekstra had to keep his attention on the formation for much of the morning. After his conversation with the Segers, there was a meeting with PvdA leader Ploumen led by Hammer. At the end of the afternoon, Claver, the leader of Bloomin and Groen Links, met the detective.

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