Cata Blanca Fez books its first World Cup win in Overijce

Cata Blanca Fez books its first World Cup win in Overijce

Cata Blanca Fez books its first World Cup win in Overijce

Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 2:28 pm

Cata Blanca Fez snatched its first victory in the Cycling World Cup. The 20-year-old Hungarian player from SD Worx made a huge impression on the technical course at Overijse. After a good start she managed to keep herself from the front. Having managed to release Puck Pieterse in the penultimate round, Fez won after more than 45 minutes of racing. mother of all crosses.

With Druvencross of Overijse, it is also called mother of all crosses Called, the World Cup has reached its fifth, after the matches in the United States and Sonhoven. At twelve and ten minutes the starting signal was given to the women’s peloton. Puck Pieterse (Alpecin-Fenix) and Kata Blanka Vas (SD Worx) got off to a good start on the long ascending starting lane, after which Vas marched with Dennis Betsima (Bowles Suzanne Bengoal). The Dutch took a good hiatus with the 20-year-old Hungarian. After changing the bike from Vas, Betsema was left alone.

As the second round approached, Bitsima had a five-second lead over Peters and Vass, who had found each other. The rest followed after nearly half a minute. Due to a mistake by Betsema, Pieterse and Vas manage to come back from the front, and then Young In the third round he tried to increase the pressure on the 28-year-old World Cup captain. At first it was Peters who caught a gap, later Fez tried to get away. At the end of the lap, Betsema made another mistake, causing her to fall from the front.


Peter and Vass then started the penultimate fourth round with a nine-second lead over Bitsima. The young leaders made a strong impression on the technical cycle, while Betsima saw it falling behind due to a few bugs here and there. Fez was the strongest at the front and was able to break away from Peter, who refused to collapse completely. At the start of the last round, the Hungarian was four seconds ahead of the younger Dutchman by one year.

Fez maintained his health in the sequel and took the win in Overijce after 48 minutes. Peters crossed the line in fifteen seconds. Lucinda Brand (Baloise Trek Lions) managed to reach Betsema in the final stage and beat her compatriot in the race to reach last place on the podium.

World Cup 2021 Overijse
women results
1. flag is Cata Blanca Fez – at 48u07
2. flag nl Puck Peters – in 15 seconds
3. flag nl Lucinda Brand – In 33 Seconds
4. flag nl Denis Betsima – in 33 seconds
5. teach us Clara Hunsinger – 44 seconds
6. father flag Burquier Line – In 53 seconds
7. flag nl Yara Castelegen – 1 min 24 hrs
8. flag nl Shereen Van Aneroy – It’s 1 min and 36 sec
9. know that Silvia Persico – 1 minute, 52
10. father flag Amandine Fokennett – reference 1m 52s

11. science is Alicia Frank – at 2m12s

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