Casella deserves gold for HGC, and Den Bosch-KZ is reluctant

Casella deserves gold for HGC, and Den Bosch-KZ is reluctant

In the fight at the bottom of the Hovedeclass’s Tulips, HGC did a fine job. The team booked a 2-1 doctoral match against doctoral student Scherweigde on Saturday. There was no winner in the duel at Oosterplas between Den Bosch and Little Swiss. became 1-1.

Scherweigde – HGC 1-2

HGC came off the field for the second time this season as the winner. It was also the second consecutive victory for Bram Lawmans’ team. Maico Casella was worthy of gold for Team Wassenaar. The Argentine prevented Hamdan SC from losing points with a striking penalty kick in the last minute, his second in the match. The late defeat was bad for Shirvaigde, who was hoping for a point after four consecutive defeats.

35. Maico Casella 0-1 (St.)
39. Jur van der Have 1-1
60. Maico Casella 1-2 (sc)

Den Bosch – Little Switzerland 1-1

Clerics Bush and Klein Zwitterland shared the points. The score was 1-1 at Oosterplas. With this said, Mark Lammers’ side still maintain their undefeated home ground. Top scorers were Jimmy Hayward (Den Bosch) and Albert Bertrand (KZ).

Where KZ was allowed to score two penalties in the first quarter via Aki Käppeler, it was Den Bosch who opened the game after 12 minutes. From the first chance and the only corner there was Jeremy Hayward who lunged flawlessly. So it was somewhat against the pedigree at 1-0 for the Brabanters. Good progress was the battered Den Bosch, who had to miss out on Timo Bowers, Dylan Witherspoon and goalkeeper Alexander Stadler on Saturday night.

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The goal was good for the match, still raining more chances for KZ, but mainly thanks to goalkeeper Jan van Groesen the guests did not score. The club’s top scorer Capeler (who’s already nine this season) was also not accurate in the second quarter – with three corner kicks.

But Omar Schlingmann’s team returned after the break. Not by a corner kick, but by Albert Beltran. Suddenly flop in the back line to score the equalizer. A moment of inattention on the part of Van Groesen, the outstanding goalkeeper.

The homeowners had their best chances in the last quarter. Two shots – one from Jayer van der Horst and the other from Quinn Bijen – narrowly missed Quinn Schapir’s goal. KZ was eventually allowed to build eight times for the normally beloved penalty corner, but this time it didn’t turn into a Capricorn.

Despite the draw, Klein Zwitterland remained undefeated for the sixth consecutive game. For Kepler, a seven-game winning streak in the league ended and he scored.

12 – Jeremy Hayward 1-0 (SC)
33. Albert Bertrand 1-1

Albert Beltran and Marco Miltkau celebrate small Switzerland’s equalizing goal against Den Bosch. Photo: William Vernes

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