Carrie and Uber lead in a beautiful win that was hard to watch

Carrie and Uber lead in a beautiful win that was hard to watch


“It’s impossible to question Kelly Uber’s talent. He is a talented player and a great promotion to the team roster. However, I do have questions about Oubre’s suitability for the Warriors – questions that could not be answered in one pre-season match.

But Oubre’s debut performance with the Warriors was definitely a positive sign.

Oubre played just over 50 attacking possessions on Saturday, and scored 10 points (despite a 1 of 6 shot from behind the 3-point arc) with relatively good looks.

In defense, he was looking for looters, as expected, but the usual follow-up of his efforts on the ball – letting his mark pass him on dribbling – didn’t happen. And it wasn’t because of a lack of trying by Denver either. Oubre didn’t steal, but did have two nice pieces and four rebounds. He was a positive force on the field and hinted that he could be the primary defender for opposing point guards, not Clay Thompson.

Now, Oubre isn’t an All-NBA player, but he does have top-level talent and unmistakable energy for his game. He could be a winner. The key for him is to play with focus this season – the Warriors system will allow all of these positive traits to shine through, but only if he can control himself enough to fit the system. He did that on Saturday. There is a long way to go, but that was a great first impression.

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