Car theft involving a police lieutenant colonel in Khemisset

سرقة سيارة تورط مقدم شرطة بالخميسات
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Hespress – A.M.A.Monday December 20 2021 – 17:09

The Judicial Police Squad in Khemisset has opened a judicial investigation, under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecution, to determine the criminal acts attributed to a police presenter working in the urban authority in the same city, who is suspected of participating in breach of trust and forgery of car number plates.

A statement to the General Directorate of National Security stated, today, Monday, that the national security interests had received a complaint related to breach of trust submitted by a company manager in the city of Nador in the face of a customer who seized one of the cars designated for rent, before the search and investigation procedures resulted in the seizure of the car subject of this. The complaint in Khemisset, which bears false numbering plates.

The same source added that the driver of the car, the subject of the communication, was arrested, and he is a policeman working in the urban authority in Khemisset, who was placed under theoretical guard measure at the disposal of the research being conducted under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecution, to reveal all the circumstances, circumstances and the real background of this case.

Judicial police, a stolen car, opened a judicial search, Khemisset City
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