Capitol storming: Nancy Pelosi wants a commission of inquiry into…

Capitol storming: Nancy Pelosi wants a commission of inquiry into...

In the United States, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, is considering forming a commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol. This was reported by CNN news channel based on information from two sources closely involved in the case.

It is a response to Republicans who have consistently blocked the creation of an independent commission of inquiry into the storming at the end of Republican President Donald Trump’s term.

The sources said that Pelosi told a House committee on Tuesday evening that she would form a special committee on the matter in an effort to “find the truth.”

The committee will study the deadly attack by Trump followers on January 6. CNN said the former president’s role in the events leading up to the attack, as well as the role of some members of the House of Representatives, will be investigated.

“Afraid of the truth?”

This is one of the options Pelosi is considering after the Republican opposition. They prevented the formation of an independent investigation committee. Republicans believe that the ongoing police and parliamentary investigations are sufficient. Democrats say they fear the investigation will draw attention to Donald Trump’s false allegations of election fraud. ‘What are you afraid of? Truth? asked Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

It would have taken 10 Republican votes plus all 50 Democrats to get the Senate Committee of Inquiry’s approval, having already passed the House of Representatives. Only 6 Republicans voted for it. This result shows the deep division that still prevails in the United States five months after the attack on the House of Representatives.

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