Capitol storm came 40 feet from Pence, ‘Life was in danger’

Capitol storm came 40 feet from Pence, 'Life was in danger'

This became evident during the third session of the intrusion. On January 6, 2021, a large group of Trump supporters stormed Parliament to stop certifying President Biden’s election victory.

dangerously close

Trump supporters outside parliament chanted that Pence should be hanged. An animation from the commission investigating the break-in shows that they came within 40 feet, or just over 12 meters, of the room Pence was hiding. Pence was later moved to a safer location.

Trump wanted Pence to invalidate the election results. When he refused, he criticized his deputy. During the hearing, his advisers found the plan “disturbing and dangerous.” They also feared that this would lead to more riots.

Protective grace

Attorney John Eastman, who devised a plan to have Pence nullify the election, seemed aware that he had done something illegal. He sent an email to Trump’s personal attorney asking to be put on the “pardon list.” He definitely wouldn’t have to go to jail that way.

Eastman invoked his right to remain silent more than 100 times while being questioned by the commission.

The seven Democrats on the House committee had nothing but praise for Pence’s decision. “We are fortunate to have Pence’s courage,” said committee chair Benny Thompson.

“On January 6, our democracy came perilously close to disaster. When Mike Pence indicated he would not be in the Donald Trump game, it put him personally in great danger.”

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