Candidate-buyer WSH wants to clean up ADO: “Put hand in wallets and let go”

Cars Jeans Stadion en Bob Heere

What is the current situation regarding the takeover of ADO Den Haag? From the United States, World Soccer Holdings spokesman Bob Herry responded Saturday on West Sport Radio broadcast.


How did you try to land from America?

“Very bad and annoying. Only when you regain hope, it will be over in 45 minutes. ADO fell on Thursday after losing their home (1-4) against Willem II. In the middle of this decisive match the score was 0-3.” We had already assumed ADO would go to First class, but we still have hope. ”Hyeri refers to recent victories at Feyenoord and PEC Zwolle. Unfortunately no, we are back to the moment we started.

How about taking over stocks?

The WHOA procedure is new and it is not clear to us how it is going. We have been informed that the restructuring expert leading the process will contact us. That’s cool, we’re preparing for that. It is up to the judge to do this within the next week and a half. It remains to be seen how this process will work. It is not clear what role stocks play in this. It has been confiscated, but has not yet been auctioned. Will it be addressed here? This is not clear.

WHOA (Implicit Agreement Harmonization Act) helps companies at risk of bankruptcy due to high debt, while still having viable business activities. By realigning their debts, these companies could survive. Until January 1, 2021, there was only an agreement when all of the creditors and shareholders agreed. If a creditor or shareholder overrides himself, it can lead to bankruptcy. Now it is the case that the parties that did not agree to the agreement are still bound by the agreement. This is also called compulsory settlement.

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According to Heere, World Soccer Holdings should have submitted a budget by June 15 and reduced ADO Den Haag’s debt to € 2 million by November 1 at the latest. “Our interest is still very tangible. We see a very beautiful story in it. We are closely following the process and we are busy making preparations on our side.”

Who is behind World Soccer Holdings and how much money is there?

“A small group of people who run World Soccer Holdings are up front.” Dutchman Bob Hery is one of them. “It is surrounded by investors and experts who believe in our ability to do so.”

American Steve Dimitrioy is the elder man behind World Soccer Holdings. His family already owns a basketball team in the division under the NBA. “The family is very interested in football and believes in us and our network. This has been formalized in recent weeks. This was already the case when we sent the email to ADO (in April, ed.). Unfortunately, the WHOA action started the next day.”

We don’t know enough about the club yet to know how much money it would take to make the club look beautiful again. – Bob Harry

“The private capital for this family is large and we know we have enough. It is about how much money is needed and how much money they want to invest. World Soccer Holdings wants to deposit 3.6 million euros to pay off debts and 2 million euros to solve the club’s severe liquidity problems. But then no.” Still difficult to estimate We don’t know enough about the club yet to know how much money it would take to make the club look beautiful again.

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Was there a connection with the municipality of The Hague?

“Unfortunately, it is not between us and politics. We were actually hoping that with our offer, the WHOA action was being put on hold, so we could discuss what they’re doing with the municipality.

The municipality currently owns the ADO Den Haag stadium. “We want to invest in the stadium and seize it.”

From what I understand, the municipality would actually prefer not to do anything with the club. Then it might be the best solution to buy the stadium, then completely out of it.

Can you summarize World Soccer Holdings’ plans in a few sentences?

In the first stage, you have to clean the house and the people who are there now have to take responsibility for what happened. They have to hand over their wallets and leave. start again.’

Don’t say you’ll be back in the Premier League in a year. Bob Harry

We strongly believe you must build for the long term. Don’t panic, and needless to say, you’ll be back in the Premier League in a year, but invest in your youth academy.

“The club must be built from the ground up,” as it did in AZ. By investing in training, you are not dependent on mercenaries, panic purchases, and middlemen. You want to have a healthy business model with additional funds for conversions above.

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