Calendar at hand? These days (hopefully) we encourage gold

Calendar at hand?  These days (hopefully) we encourage gold

Taekwondo, archery, rowing, clean swimming, sailing, and we can go on. During the Olympics, 33 sports compete for medals. It is impossible to know in advance exactly when you should pay attention. Get your agenda (digital), you won’t be surprised by the gold.

We pass the event by date. Apologies in advance: the list below is undoubtedly not complete. And that would be good news too, because that means we can crown unexpected Olympic champions. Perhaps those were the most beautiful victories.

In any case, the most important matches for the Netherlands in a row:

July 25

You can’t count on gold in the sport, but in the women’s road race, the Netherlands is really the frontrunner. Marian Voss, Animek van Vleuten, Anna van der Bregen and Demi Völlering, they were all absolute top performers this year. If one does not win, the other will win. In any case, silver will feel like a defeat.

The next day it was the men’s turn. Not expecting a gold medal there but who knows…

Matthew van der Poel in the yellow jersey during the tour.


July 26

Can Arno Kamenga perform a stunt in the 100m breaststroke and win the gold medal? It’s not really impossible, but it’s not the biggest candidate. Kamenga will compete with Britain’s Adam Petty, who also excelled five years ago.

Matthew van der Poel will also bid for a medal on July 26. The Tour de France was yellow for a week, will it be gold now?

Sunny Van Dyck during the European Championships.

Sunny Van Dyck during the European Championships.


July 28

Another opportunity on the paddling track. Ellen Hogerwirff, Caroline Florin, Ymke Clevering, Veronique Meester have been three-time European champions in a row and now want that gold medal in the Games.

There was a lot to do in judo due to the selection of Sanne van Dijke over Kim Polling. So there is a lot of pressure on the shoulders of the European champion. It should happen to her on July 28th.

Also on July 28, we see time trials on men’s and women’s bikes. Tom Dumoulin stopped cycling earlier, but came back and marked this day in his diary. Among the women, we have a good chance of winning the gold medal again with Annemiek van Vleuten and Anna van der Breggen.

July 29

Ilse Paulis already knows what it’s like, but Marieke Keijser hasn’t yet. In Rio de Janeiro, rower Paulis won the gold medal in the Light Double Row with the Maaike Head. Now it has to happen again.

Once again, Arno Kamenga goes to the pool and fights Adam Petty. Now in the 200m race released.

In the judo mat, Guusje Steenhuis will try to get a medal in the women’s category up to 78 kg. Michael Correll could also come on stage. He competes in the under 100 kg category.

July 30

How fast they are, how cool and how amazing Holland is. On July 30, BMX entered the program. Niek Kimmann and Twan van Gendt are serious contenders for the men’s, women’s Laura Smulders.

Lillian de Geus and her surfing.

Lillian de Geus and her surfing.


August 1

On August 1, he will take over the men’s 100m race. No, Shurandi Martina may be happy, but not this time. participate in the relay. Also handsome at 37.

We have a chance at gold in port. and how. Marit Baumeister was already an Olympic champion and had already set her sights on a new gold medal.

August 2

Sevan Hassan Day! On August 2, he hopes to rush to the fastest time and highest score on the podium at 5,000m on the athletics field. Who keeps Sivan of gold? This is a seriously good question.

Sivan Hasan is at his best this year and has improved one record after another.

Sivan Hasan is at his best this year and has improved one record after another.


August 3

As the final days of the games approach, we will be looking a lot at bike racing. Our guys are world class and we hope they prove it in Tokyo. Sprint final on August 3rd. Let’s go to Mathis Boschley, Roy van den Berg, Harry Lafrisen and Jeffrey Hoagland!

August 4

On August 4, we chose the open sea. Sharon van Ruandal won a gold medal in Rio de Janeiro and has done everything in his power to replicate that success in Tokyo in recent years.

Fimic Ball also enters the 400m hurdles. Paul improved record after record this year and you shouldn’t be surprised if she gets a medal. Hope it is the most beautiful color.

Lubke Berkhot and Aphrodite Zeiger are hoping for a medal today. In the sailing category, the so-called medal race is included in the program, when decisions are made.

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Fimc Paul.

Fimc Paul.


August 5

One day after Sharon van Ruandal arrives, Ferry Wertman also enters the water. And like Van Roandal, Wertmann also took gold in 2016. Then he was pretty tight. We’ll see how it goes now.

What about men’s hockey players? They have become European champions, but will they also be able to reach the final in the games? If that’s the case, they’ll be in action on August 5 for the gold medal match.

August 6

On August 6, it should happen to Kirsten Wilde, Amy Peters, Jeffrey Hoagland and Harry Lavrysen. The running part of the program is at the racetrack, and the orange cyclists are very good at that.

The Olympic hockey player’s numbers are impressive. From Atlanta 1996 (bronze) There were also bronze in Sydney, silver in Athens, gold in Beijing, gold in London and silver in Rio. Orange anyway is the team to beat in Tokyo.

What about soccer players? They reached the World Cup final. Then the United States lost. Can they go one step further this time? Final on August 6.

August 7

Sivan Hasan will try again on August 7. Now the 10 kilometers are in the program. Susan Kromens is also involved, but all eyes (Dutch) are still on Hassan.

August 8

The last day of games is traditionally for marathon runners. Perhaps Abdi Nagyi can provide a surprise.

There are also medals that are awarded in cycling races. keirin is the last piece, and Matthijs Büchli and Harrie Lavreysen outshine the Dutch.

For the ladies, the omnium is the last part. Even Kirsten Wild’s hand.

We are going to the box. Nouchka Fontijn in the ring, and this frightens many opponents. Get them Nouchka!

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