C&A will sell the clothes through Zalando

C&A will sell the clothes through Zalando

In addition to the Netherlands, the chain is also expanding sales across Zalando to Austria and Spain. Later this year, consumers in France, Poland, Switzerland and Belgium will be able to shop their C&A this way.

“Connected retail is an important component of our ‘multi-channel strategy’,” said Martijn van der Zee of C&A Europe earlier when the chain began working with Zalando in Germany.

“We want to be where consumers buy fashion. In addition to our own channels, Zalando is a platform that modern, fashion and sustainability-oriented consumers frequent, and thus is a perfect fit for us.”

The Zalando web store has been working for some time to link stores that use the platform, as do other web stores such as Amazon and bol.com.

Zalando Growth Plans

If it were up to the German online fashion store, more than 10 percent of your wardrobe would ultimately be made up of the items you purchased from or through them. If this ambition is fulfilled, Zalando will be as big as Zara, H&M and Primark now to achieve global sales together.

The expected growth in the coming years will mainly come from the sale of other stores via the Zalando platform. The company expects partner turnover to grow faster both in 2021 and in the coming years than Zalando alone.

In the fourth quarter of last year, 24 percent of all sales came from third parties, it was announced last month.

More partners

In any case, the number of affiliate stores is growing rapidly. At the end of December, 2,400 stores sold their merchandise via the Zalando app and website. At the end of February there were already a thousand more.

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