Buying a Volkswagen Vento VR6 with Low Miles?

Buying a Volkswagen Vento VR6 with Low Miles?

If you had to choose a country where you could find special little guys with right-hand steering and low mileage, what would you say? Maybe Germany? Or Switzerland, where they also take good care of their cars. But what about Japan? This is where the impressive low-mileage Volkswagen Vento VR6 comes in. The steering wheel is on the left.

We’ve written about it before. The Japanese obviously like to buy left-hand drive European cars, perhaps just as Japanese car enthusiasts sometimes find it cool to drive with the right-hand drive. Wealthy Japanese mainly buy fat German cars as a kind of prestigious thing, and then drive them a little more often.

The Volkswagen Vento with the coveted VR6 engine returned to Europe about seven years ago after more than twenty years. In Japan, the car has accumulated only 60 thousand kilometers on the odometer. The same Dutch owner drove another 8000 km – now it is for sale again. According to the seller, the car is still in good condition.

What is the low mileage Volkswagen Vento VR6?

despite The Fast and the Furious Made a try, the Vento didn’t really catch on as a car enthusiast. Finding a good Vento a few kilometers away is quite a challenge not to mention this good-sounding six-cylinder with 174 hp. The only pity is that it has an outdated four-speed automatic transmission, but you like the little things. Are you willing to pay €14,950 for it?

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