Buy your mom an iPhone

Buy your mom an iPhone


Google has recently been trying to convince Apple of the new messaging standard with public messaging RCS The acronym stands for Rich Communications Service and is intended to be the successor to SMS and MMS. Apple should do this though Obviously not interestedas evidenced by CEO Tim Cook’s speech at Vox Media’s Code 2022 conference.

Stubbornness and bullying

In a panel discussion, according to The Verge, Cook was confronted with a question from a journalist who complained that he was giving his mother an iPhone. video Send this to their Android device though Do not reach. The solution suggested by Cook for the problem: “Buy your mom an iPhone. With a sarcastic comment, Cook asserts that Apple prefers autonomy over interoperability between major mobile operating systems.

With Apple’s iMessage, messages received from Android devices appear as green bubble, while messages from iPhones are highlighted in blue. Critics see this strategy as “bullying” users of other operating systems They act like strangers allowed.

Messaging apps are preferred

According to Tim Cook, RCS is “currently” not getting any attention. After all, any future deviation from the previous path is not categorically ruled out. As Engadget notes, the interoperability issue is more US in nature. Other countries are preferred Third Party Applications, such as WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram used for messaging. they are working cross platform.

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