“But it definitely changed something.”

"But it definitely changed something."

Feyenoord qualified for the conference league qualifiers on Thursday evening. In De Kuip, FC Luzern was defeated 3-0, while in Switzerland it also became 0-3 for Rotterdam. In the Looking Back section we look back at last Thursday’s game. Together with Oscar and Youri, editors of FR-Fans.nl, we look back at the Feyenoord lottery.

Feyenoord started the match strong and played completely in attack. From the first minute, Rotterdam had great chances. “With offensive football and so much pressure on FC Lucerne, that immediately put FC Lucerne at an even greater disadvantage,” Oscar says. “That’s why 1-0 and 2-0 fell right from the good game.” Youri mainly sees the hand of coach Arne Slot. From the first minute, you could already see the effect that Arne Slot would expect from the team. It has introduced a whole new style of play. I can still hear him say: Not much will change, because they’ve already shown they can do it. But he definitely changed things. Feyenoord swings across the field and this is the first time in years that I’ve enjoyed how Feyenoord put opponents aside.

In the second half, players Leonard Hartges and Anthony Milambu were allowed to make their official debut in Feyenoord’s first match. “Their debut makes you want more and as far as I’m concerned, they are very close to the basics. Overall, Slot’s hand is becoming more and more visible. Yuri also enjoyed the two young ones.” I also really enjoy Hartgeese and Milampo, what a great talent they have and what a great one. She was allowed to make her official debut.”

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The Dutch football league begins with Feyenoord on Sunday. Yuri hopes Feyenoord can continue in the good game. ‘Let’s hope this Feyenoord will keep up with this. Because then it can be a good season.

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