Buses are running again, train traffic is limited and the road is treacherously slippery (Update)

Een besneeuwd Hoofdstation Groningen (Foto: ProNews)

The carrier reported that the Arriva buses in Groningen and Friesland have been operating again since 12:00. Qbuzz buses restarted between 12:00 and 13:00 hours.

The situation is on the road

Jos Wortelboer of the Nieuwe Pekela Salt Depot says that the road conditions in our county are very variable. “The road conditions are generally better in the northern part than in the southern part. There is also more snow drifting on the eastern side,” says Wortelboer.

You have to be careful, because from moment to moment you drive through the dunes. There are snow dunes 1 meter high in Ter Apel direction.

This is the Borgercompagnie neighborhood:

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County: Avoid the Kielsterachterweg

The county of Groningen has called on motorists to avoid the Kielsterachterweg between Hoogezand and Wildervank. The situation there was very dangerous due to the strong winds and snow dunes. Four cars were used to better clean the road. The road was passable again at noon.

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Reporter Elwin Bass said the A7 was clean on Monday morning.

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There is still enough road salt

There is still enough road salt in stock. “We have another 300 tons to order,” says Wortlebor.

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The North Holland Control Room also stated that it is insidiously slippery in various places.

Shovel snow in different ways

Most of the snow fell in the east of our province. Reporter Elwin Bass sees snow being pushed there in various ways.

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“It is no longer safe to drive on”

The Qbuzz buses stopped on Sunday evening at 9:00 pm due to the continuing winter weather. Trains stopped at 6 pm.

“Due to the weather conditions, it is no longer safe to drive,” said Qbuzz bus operator.

Trains run from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Arriva trains ran from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Sunday, while trains across the Netherlands were almost halted for the day.

The weather is causing more and more problems in infrastructure and equipment. The company spokesman explained the option to stop driving, snow continues to rise, which is not conducive to running trains.

Arriva buses were not running nearly all of the Sunday.

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