Bus transportation stopped in several places in the country due to the drivers’ strike | the interior

Bus transportation stopped in several places in the country due to the drivers' strike |  the interior

Regional transit drivers stopped operating at various locations on Saturday. In Enschede, Hengelo and Haxburgen, according to FNV, about 70 percent of flights were canceled on Saturday, with carrier Keolis keeping half.

Actions were also taken in Tilburg. Domestic lines did not operate from the Arriva branch in Tilburg, just as buses from Tilburg to Den Bosch, Pest and Russell did. According to a spokeswoman, Arriva has chosen to remove these buses entirely from service because they are more visible to travelers. Since the striking drivers had to drive on different lines, the passengers would not know where they parked.

It is the second strike in a national series to enforce a better collective labor agreement. The first relay strike in regional transport began on Wednesday with about a hundred strikers in the northeast. FNV states that there has been increased work pressure in the sector for some time, due in part to a staff shortage. The union is demanding, among other things, a higher wage in order to attract more young drivers.

CNV Vakmensen does not participate in the strike. That union made the final offer to employers to members in a neutral manner in February. According to the union, they accepted it by a two-thirds majority.

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