Bus driver without driver’s license and insurance ignores order to stop

Vergunningen van buschauffeurs ingetrokken na controle

FILE PHOTO – Bus control in Suriname.

Law enforcement officers from the Department of Automatic Number Plates and Registration System (ANRS) took action last Friday against regular bus drivers who did not adhere to traffic rules in traffic.

The Suriname Police Force today reported that a driver was caught red-handed in the La Tour project when he unnecessarily stopped traffic during the morning rush hour.

Members of the aforementioned department tried to stop the driver, but he ignored the order and drove away. Law enforcement officers were able to stop the traffic offender. When asked about the car’s documents, the man was unable to show the police his driver’s license and proof of insurance.

He was also told that other traffic was seriously affected by his driving behaviour. He was handed an official record of the mentioned violations. Suriname police have reported that the bus owner must register with TCT with a valid bus permit for verification.

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