Bus driver makes another attempt at Eurosong fame: “Better Rhythms Than Folk Song” (Hoogstraten)

Bus driver makes another attempt at Eurosong fame: "Better Rhythms Than Folk Song" (Hoogstraten)

Rudy wrote the music for Celebrating Your Life, which was sung by West Flemish Nella Quinn. © WOAD


Entries are welcome to enter the Eurosong competition, next year in the UK, once again at VRT. Ten years after his first engagement, Rudge S., the pseudonym of bus driver Rudy Geens of Minderhout (Hoogstraten), is back again.

Water Adriansen

Not only at Pat Crimson’s home, there was a clamor when public radio announced in mid-August that for the first time in six years it would be looking for a candidate for the Eurosong competition via pre-selections. “I got involved once over ten years ago,” says music producer Rudge S., who shortened his real name Rudy Geens to his pseudonym and added the first letter of his wife’s and daughters’ first names. “Yorosung fascinates me, I have always loved those shows. We had to collect 20,000 places in the final, but we didn’t make it. With the song since then I didn’t dare to participate today.”

A cappella choir Witloof Bay was selected from over two hundred entries. They were killed in the semi-finals in Dusseldorf. “Personally, I prefer a song with a tempo rather than a ballad,” says Rudy. “I might be 53, musically, I like younger genres. I kind of got stuck in the ’90s, with groups like Silver, Vioco and Lascaux.”

positive message

Rudy has a new song ready to be featured in the Eurosong 2023 pre-selections. That’s why he’s working with Neela Quinn, the stage name of Flemish Brabant Nele Wouters. “It’s not easy to find a really good singer. Neil also wrote the lyrics for a song Celebrate your life. A song with a positive message that appeals to everyone, exactly what a European song needs.”

Rudy dreams of dating Celebrate your life technically penetrating. However, the music is a belated call for the Hoogstraat producer. “Eighteen years ago I discovered Music Maker at the computer store. I enjoyed it, shared something with family and friends and they encouraged me to do more with it. Standing on the podium is not necessary for me, I would like to leave that to Nellie.”


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