Brown sees growth in US: “The first thing he said was ‘I saw you on Netflix’

Brown sees growth in US: “The first thing he said was 'I saw you on Netflix'

McLaren CEO Zak Brown sees the documentary series on Netflix Drive to stay alive It has a strong influence in the United States. According to head of the McLaren team, there was a lot of interest in the sport in the country, and previous reports that the series was being exploited to a new audience seemed to be correct.

Brown faced the extra attention head-on. He met TV anchor Michael Strahan in New York. He came to me in a restaurant. A very polite guy who really loves the McLaren as a brand. The first thing he said was, “I saw you on Netflix!” So I think the documentary has a positive effect, especially in the United States, ”says the McLaren CEO

According to Brown, the behind the scenes look is exactly what an audience needs. According to the American, the sport was fundamentally separate from the world, which made it interesting at first. It’s a big difference from other American auto sports like NASCAR and Indycar, which are mostly open to the public.

Formula 1 opens the doors

People have wanted to see exactly what has happened in Formula 1 for years. At first this was not possible. Now we open the gates a little bit and people are really amazed to see what happens in the ring, ”continues Brown.As far as the CEO is concerned, the aforementioned is a huge added value to the sport.

New online activities also have a positive impact on reach, according to Nielsen Sports. For example, the sport in the next season could also reach a billion people the next season. According to the company, this is due to esports activities that started in recent seasons, but also because of the documentary.

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