Britney Spears’ documentary elicits reactions from Evo Nehi

Britney Spears' documentary elicits reactions from Evo Nehi

Nothing is agreed upon

Luyckx was there because he was in charge of marketing and promoting Spears in the Netherlands at the time. Nehi asked her about her breasts because the press speculated that she had undergone plastic surgery.

But Luyckx vehemently denies this reading in a Facebook post. He explains why he made this post. “I saw that photographer William Rutten, who was also present, posted something about him on Instagram. Rutten was attacked because of it, which is why I wanted to confirm Rutten’s story through my Facebook post.”

He says that neither he nor Spears’ management has agreed on plastic surgery as a topic of discussion. “There was an initial conversation between Nehee and Spears, in which I wasn’t present. I can’t rule out that he asked her if she thought it was okay to talk about it. But when I get back to the interview, I doubt an appointment has been set.”

He believes that the most important thing is the age of Spears at that time. “It’s about a 17-year-old girl who was in a media storm at that moment. For the thousandth time she’s faced with a topic she doesn’t want to talk about and she also doesn’t understand that people want to talk about.”

very uncomfortable

Luyckx thinks the media doesn’t handle this well. “I dealt with it professionally in the interview, but this left its mark, and with many young artists.” Nihe states in de Volkskrant that he asked management if something should be taken from the interview, but it was not necessary.

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This is not true, Luyckx says. “I asked management if this part of the interview could be removed, but the TV show refused. It was a situation where I felt very uncomfortable and it also cost us a lot of other promotional activities at the time. It was canceled by management.”

Nihi response

At AD, Nehei responded to the uproar. After all the publications about the sudden apparent change in Britney Spears’ appearance: The Six Pages in Rolling Stone magazine (where all the hype began) and after Britney’s angry reaction in a number of initial interviews in other countries, we agreed to give her seriousness to give her a chance to respond to all the hype. What does she think of plastic surgery as a 17-year-old American?”, quotes AD Niehe.

According to the presenter, the interview segment can be seen without context on Framing Britney Spears. “So only one question was used, with great sarcasm, of course, because we didn’t want to talk about it. But this style of sarcasm seems less well known in the United States. The atmosphere after the interview was good, and management was more than satisfied.”

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