British tourists flee mandatory quarantine at the Swiss ski resort

British tourists flee mandatory quarantine at the Swiss ski resort

British tourists have fled their hotels at the popular Swiss ski resort of Verbier since Saturday because they were forced into isolation. They left after the Swiss authorities took additional measures regarding the English variant of the Coronavirus.

Local authorities told the BBC that 420 British tourists were vacationing in Verbier before Christmas, with only half of them remaining in hotels. Until recently, the British were welcome in Switzerland, until a new, possibly highly contagious, variant of the Coronavirus appeared in the United Kingdom.

For this reason, Switzerland suspended flights from the United Kingdom on December 20. Travelers who arrived in Switzerland from the United Kingdom after 14 December were forced to remain in isolation in their accommodation for ten days. A number did not respond to this.

Untouched meals

Hotel operators from Verbier rang the bell because they found the meals that were placed on the doorstep of their homes for guests were untouched. Other operators received calls from guests who had already left for France and wanted a refund for the remaining nights. While the ski areas in France are closed, British tourists do not have to stay in hotels.

A spokesperson for the municipality of Banis, which includes Verbier, told the Swiss media that he understands the situation: “Families with children are suddenly stuck on an area of ​​20 square meters, which is impossible”.

Verbier is a popular resort among British winter sports enthusiasts. Previously, Switzerland had to endure criticism from neighboring countries for its decision to open ski areas despite the pandemic.

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