British teenager makes a wonderful friendship with a bee: ‘My house follows me everywhere, to the bowling alley’ | Abroad

British teenager makes a wonderful friendship with a bee: 'My house follows me everywhere, to the bowling alley' |  Abroad

Part of the love for animals you don’t expect right away: Two weeks ago a British teenager took care of a bee, and now the insect isn’t leaving its side. Betty sleeps next to her and she follows her to the store or the bowling alley.

Lacey Chillinglaw, 13, first noticed the bumblebee while walking her dog in Coventry. The wing looked a bit rumpled, so the girl grabbed the insect and took it for a walk to a nearby park. There she chose a beautiful flower bed for nectar.

But the bumblebee clearly does not want to be left behind. After an hour of trying, the animal was still on her body. At last she came home, her new companion on her shoulder.

on the glasses

On the way, Lacey stops at a store to buy milk. Meanwhile, Betty grabbed her glasses, much to the chagrin of other customers.

Since then, Betty and Lacey have become inseparable. The bee follows her everywhere, even the bowling alley. Even the presence of fourteen of her relatives did not bother her there.

“I’ll never forget this,” Lacey said. woman. I thought she would leave in a day but it’s not. Her wing has been in good shape for a long time, so she’ll stay far from convinced. This unexpected friendship makes me so happy.”

Betty is now treated with sugar water, honey and strawberry jam and is even allowed to nibble on lassi cakes. During the day, the bee rests mainly in its neck or in its sleeve.

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“Even between her toes”

“My daughter is totally crazy about my house,” mom Laura says. “It crawls on her face, on her glasses and even between her toes. Ninety percent of the time it’s on her body.”

Lacey has very long hair for Betty that looks like a jungle. My daughter has absolutely no fear, I just don’t understand it. After all, the stitch happened quickly. But at the same time, this story is very beautiful. Our doors are almost always open, but Betty doesn’t even think about leaving.”

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