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Diversity performed a Black Lives Matter-inspired dance on Britain's Got Talent: Credit: Syco/ Thames/ ITV

More than 7,500 people have now complained to Ofcom after a Black Lives Matter-inspired dance on Britain’s Got Talent show.

Following the routine followed by previous Saturday night diversity winners, hundreds of people complained to the media watchdog in the hours that followed. As the story grabbed the headlines this week, the numbers kept increasing.

Wednesday evening, Ofcom She said she had received 7,581 complaints about British talent The episode in total, with nearly all of it related to the routine. No details were provided about the nature of the complaints.

Ashley Banjo is a temporary judge of this series

Led by Ashley Banjo, interim judge who follows the series Simon CowellDeparture due to a broken back, the parade saw a white police officer kneel on him, echoing the killing of a defenseless black man. George FloydThe other dancers were performing in riot shields.

On Wednesday, the dancer posted this photo and statement on Instagram.

The post received more than 75,000 likes and praise comments from fans and supporters, including Britain’s Got Talent judge fellow Alisha Dixon, who said, “Black can be kissed **!” (Sic).

Singer Paloma Faith commented, “Everyone who has half a heart is behind you, and I am one of them! You are awesome.”

Banjo’s brother Jordan, a radio broadcaster and member of diversity, addressed the controversy on his KISS radio show on Wednesday.

He said that since Diversity’s Got Talent won the UK 11 years ago, they have never received such a big response to one of their shows.

He said, “Usually it’s always love, and of course you get some criticism, but it usually focuses on dancing.” “And that, it was different … It was really important, and it was special to us.

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“We are all talking about positivity and love and we’ve gotten a lot of positivity and love again from this, but we’ve also been bombarded with letters and articles, and horrific things about us all, our families, and about how diversity is still now” Diverse enough because there are five people Just eggs, like, man … “

Get emotional, go on. “I can’t speak on behalf of anyone else, but it’s sad. It’s honestly sad. I feel anxious and anxious, and I say something like Black Lives Matter, when that’s all we want, only love and positivity. Nobody says only black lives matter.”

Diversity performance is set on the spoken word poem The Great Realization by Tomfoolery, which is reflected in Corona Virus lockdown, but then keep adding an about Black lives matter movement.

“Another disease rooted in our system is fear, hate and ignorance, but racism was the symptom,” she added.

Banjo lay on the floor while the police officer handcuffed him, and the other dancers crowded smartphones.

And the narration continued, “What we thought we knew, obviously some did not.” “Black lives matter.”

Roxanne Palette cries in the diary room at Celebrity Big Brother 2018
An episode of Actress Roxanne Palette’s Big Brother series raised over 25,000 complaints from Ofcom in 2018

Ofcom said it evaluates complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate.

In December of last year, the censorship board released details of the most complained television episodes of the decade, from 2010 to 2019.

Episode of Celebrity Big Brother featuring Actress Roxanne Palette In 2018 it topped the list by a long way, with more than 25,000 complaints.

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In the episode, former Emmerdale star Pallett accused fellow soap actor Ryan Thomas, known as Coronation Street, for punching her – and later apologized for the overreaction to what appeared to be nothing more than fun.

Followed him Loose women ring, Which aired in the same year, which received more than 8,000 complaints. The episode featured an interview with TV cleaning star Kim Woodburn which resulted in her exit.

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