British Prime Minister says of the diplomatic clash: ‘Love for France is indelible’

British Prime Minister says of the diplomatic clash: 'Love for France is indelible'

Relations between France and Australia soured in recent days when it became clear that the 30 billion deal for French submarines would not be carried out.

Reason? Australia has a security agreement with the United States and Great Britain, and therefore it is buying American submarines.

dagger in the back

France responded fiercely. The country recalled ambassadors to the United States and Australia for consultations, a heavy diplomatic tool.

A French minister “angry and bitter” spoke of a dagger in his back. “This unilateral, sudden and unexpected decision is very reminiscent of what Mr. Trump will do.”

Yesterday, on his way to New York, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that his country’s love for France was “indelible”.

He also assured reporters who present the “great importance” Britain attaches to relations with France.

‘Australian interest’

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also gave a press conference on the situation this weekend, the BBC writes. In it, he apologized for the course of events, but said he would always put Australia’s interests first.

He said the agreement that Australia signed with France in 2016 raised his concern.

Biden wants to call Macron

US President Joe Biden will also try to make the case. Sources told the Washington Post that he plans to call French President Emmanuel Macron in the coming days.

The two have not spoken to each other in recent days.

Meanwhile, France does not appear ready to end the diplomatic row. A source told AFP last night that a meeting between the French and British defense ministers would not take place this week.

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The British Ministry of Defense said it could neither confirm nor deny the report.

date with switzerland

Swiss media reported that France also canceled a meeting between Macron and the Swiss president. The French are also angry with Switzerland because it decided to buy American fighter planes, not French.

France denied canceling the appointment, but Switzerland confirmed the cancellation.

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