BRIT successfully evacuates more than 150 dogs and cats from Kabul | Instagram

BRIT successfully evacuates more than 150 dogs and cats from Kabul |  Instagram

As a result, he was the only person who flew a plane he rented and fans paid for. Farthing talks about “partial success”. “Mixed feelings and a deep sense of sadness for Afghanistan today.”

Farthing decided on the operation after the extremist Islamic Taliban movement seized power. According to the Taliban, the staff did not have the correct papers to enter Kabul airport. Efforts will continue to fire the employees. In total, 68 employees, 94 dogs, and 79 cats participated.

The Farthing rescue operation is highly controversial in Britain. For some, an animal lover is a hero. For the other, the whole procedure is a pure waste of money and materials, especially now that so many Afghans have had to stay behind.

Britain’s Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, had earlier said he did not consider the animal journey appropriate, as many people in Afghanistan are trying to escape the new Taliban regime. Also, the Farthing will only stand in its way at the airport.

Farthing served in Afghanistan during the international military mission. After that, an animal shelter was opened in the country, Nozad. Last week, Farthing was stopped on his way to Kabul airport. Then he said he feared for the lives of the shelter animals he was trying to save.

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