Brexit negotiations continue tomorrow in Brussels | abroad

Brexit negotiations continue tomorrow in Brussels |  abroad

Tomorrow, negotiations on a trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom will continue in Brussels. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed on this in a phone consultation. They also agreed to call each other again on Monday.

The two leaders contacted each other after the chief negotiator announced the suspension of negotiations yesterday. They indicated that there are still significant differences between the two parties, especially in the areas of fishing, fair competition between companies from the United Kingdom and the European Union and the supervision of agreements.

Von der Leyen and Johnson also refer to these areas. Without agreements on these three bottlenecks, they say in a joint statement, a trade deal would not be possible.

The ‘Critical Stage’

We are now in the countless “decisive stage” of the Brexit negotiations. The UK will cut all ties with the European Union on January 1, but there is no possibility of a deal yet. And if that happens, there is no time for Parliament to approve it or not.

On New Year’s Day, the UK goes by alone. The British have not been a member of the European Union since January 31 this year, but they are still committed to its rules during the transition period. These 11 months should have been used to agree on the future relationship between London and the remaining 27 member states of the European Union.

If no trade agreement is concluded on January 1, then WTO rules will apply. In practice, this means that reciprocal import duties are levied on products.

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