Brazilian politician shoots police, two injured

Brazilian politician shoots police, two injured


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In Brazil, a politician shot the police when they came to arrest him at home. Two officers were injured and taken to hospital.

Roberto Jefferson, PTB chairperson until last year and Member of Parliament for many years, has been under house arrest since the beginning of this year. He, among other things, made threats against the judges of the Brazilian Supreme Court.

According to Justice, Jefferson repeatedly violated the terms in his case in recent times, for example by comparing a judge to a prostitute in a video on social media. Therefore, the police went to his home in the state of Rio de Janeiro with an arrest warrant.

hours of encirclement

However, Jefferson refused to surrender. During a police siege that lasted for hours, he threw a grenade at the officers and fired at a police car. Two officers were wounded by shrapnel.

The police car was filled with bullets.

Politician shoots a police car and throws a grenade

In the end, Jefferson was arrested. He has been arrested. In a statement, he said he wanted to set an example by shooting the police car. Resist injustice and tyranny, God bless Brazil.

Bolsonaro is in trouble

The case is also causing embarrassment for President Bolsonaro, according to Brazilian media, a week before the second and decisive round of the presidential election. Jefferson is an ally of Bolsonaro and political opponents confirm this by posting photos on social media of them together.

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