Brazil is still a big favorite in the World Cup, and the Orange’s chances are slightly increased

Brazil is still a big favorite in the World Cup, and the Orange's chances are slightly increased

Brazil started the tournament with a 20% chance of winning the world title. After Thursday’s 2-0 win over Serbia, along with the results of the other participants, the percentage has now risen to 24 percent.

Argentina appeared to be Brazil’s biggest competitor beforehand, with 16 percent. However, the number of South Americans dropped sharply after the shock loss against Saudi Arabia. Gracenote now gives Spain and the Netherlands, both at 9 percent, the best chance behind Brazil to become world champions. Before the world final round in Qatar, both countries were still at 7 percent. Spain won the first group match 7-0 against Costa Rica and the Netherlands 2-0 against Senegal.

According to Gracenote, the following 16 countries are likely to reach the Final Eight after the first round: Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, England, France, Ecuador, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Argentina, Denmark. Croatia and the United States.

Thirteen of the 16 nations also chose Gracienot as their eighth World Cup finalist. Germany, Mexico and Iran are no longer among them. Japan, Saudi Arabia and the United States occupied those positions.

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