Brandel on ignoring celebrities while down the increasingly crowded road

Brandel on ignoring celebrities while down the increasingly crowded road

Martin Brundle noted that his file pedestrians It gets more and more complicated on Sunday. Formula 1 is more popular than ever, and that means the grid is full on Sunday. This leads to private scenes such as celebrities refusing to be interviewed. Brundle’s highlights Fox Sports This development.

“Someone is ignoring me and the next day I have 50,000 followers on Twitter. I find this baffling,” the Englishman tells the Australian broker. It first happened during the 2021 US Grand Prix, where he was brazenly stopped by an entourage of Megan Thee Stallion, award-winning rapper.

Brandel: “People who think they belong in the network are invited, not celebrities who don’t care about the sport at all.” Slowly, therefore, a trend emerged where these celebrities are essentially standing next to Formula 1 cars for the sake of shape. “I understand that, but when a great artist like this ignores me, he explodes. Very strange.

Brundle in Monaco again rabbit

In Monaco, something went wrong again for Sky Sports-Presenter. He met Bridgerton star Simone Ashley there, who also refused to chat with him. Before Monaco, I had a list of 45 celebrities who would be on the net there. I’ve been trying to figure out these names and figure out what they all did, but it’s a mess.

“I haven’t seen this very popular sport in the 38 years I’ve been involved in,” he asserts. So he argues that it is good that more and more celebrities from all over the world are attracted to the sport. Brundle doesn’t want to be known as someone who is being overlooked on the grid, but he knows the current trend is a sign that F1 is healthier than ever.

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Liberty Media has made excellent choices with presenting campaign to survive† The racing has improved and people have found the new generation of drivers fun. They are honest, open and know how to deal with the media.”

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