Brabant Maarten Bartels will play volleyball for the next two seasons as a lane runner at Lycurgus in Groningen. “The desire to win is part of my genes”

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Attracting 22-year-old volleyball player Martin Bartels, Eredivisie Amysoft Lycurgus of Groningen almost completes their pick for next season.

De Brabander is the third sprinter in coach Arjan Taij’s squad, which has so far thirteen players. Bartels has played for the University of Charleston in the US for the past three years and signed a two-year contract. Lycurgus wants to add at least one player to the roster.

‘I’m ready for the next step and in the Netherlands I’d like to play Lycurgus,’ says the youngest acquisition. “Given the facilities, professional program and past years of success, I am really looking forward to this new challenge. Conversations with coach Arjan Tayj and others within the club gave me a good feeling. How Amysoft Lycurgus handles top sports really appeals to me.”

ambitious player

Taaij describes Bartels as a good and ambitious runner, who has trained in a serious program in recent years. A very strong player who knows what he wants. ” Clubs from Switzerland, England and Belgium wanted the player, but Lycurgus preferred him. “I want to get the most out of it every year. There is always room for improvement and development and the desire to win is in my genes.”

The 1.95-meter pedestrian runner was born in the village of Englen in the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Bartels began playing volleyball at the age of six at Minerva in Drunin. Volleyball has been my passion since childhood. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a professional volleyball player.” He went to Sliedrecht Sport at the age of 12. “I owe my mom a big thank you for taking me there several times a week.”

The highest sports culture in America

De Brabander then played for Voreo in Ravenstein and Ovoco in Oss and from the age of seventeen to HLB van Daal/DS at Den Dungen. When he was twenty years old he left for America to study and play volleyball. “America’s top sports culture is next level. The athletic experience and facilities are great, something I’ve only seen in movies.” Bartels has studied sports business in addition to playing volleyball. I had a great time there and was able to develop well. In my youth I always practiced a lot in technique and in America I added a physical side to my game,” says the left-footed forward, who trained at RTC Eindhoven and the volleyball school of Geir van Heugten.

Superfit and strong

Bartels is extremely fit, as evidenced by tests carried out at the Omnium Sports Medical Center in Groningen, according to Lycurgus. When measured, the strength in his arms and legs was unprecedented. It was the best calculated results for a volleyball player in the past seven years. But the volleyball player says: “Volleyball is not just a physical game. I spend a lot of time on technique and little details. It doesn’t always have to be difficult, playing smart is very important too. I play with passion and love to compete. I am not shy about fencing over the net! ”

The selection so far: Qataris Marcel Besti (Hon) and Jeffrey Van Gent, passers-by: Craig Ireland (Canada), Joel Schneidmiller (US), Martin Bartels, attacking quarters: Dennis Borst, Niels de Vries, Luke Hovhuis and Jesper Schott, Libero: Stephen Oetevanger, Jaron Spiegellar, playmaker Marcus Heald and Tim de Jong.

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