Boeing 757 cockpit window crash | Photo

Boeing 757 cockpit window crash |  Photo

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 made a premature landing in Denver, United States, due to cracks in the windshield.

The plane, registered N689DL, left Salt Lake City at about 10:30 a.m. local time on its way to Washington’s Ronald Reagan National Airport. After about an hour and a half, it was easy with a cracked cockpit window and a Denver stop. The machine reached a maximum altitude of just over seven miles on the road between Salt Lake City and Denver.

Flight 757 escapes to Denver after cockpit window shatters ©

keep calm

Rachel Wright was on a Delta Airlines flight. “They said the windshield was shattered and we would be diverting to Denver in ten minutes,” she explained. KUTV† “They kept telling everyone to be quiet and quiet, and we were quiet, so when we were told to keep quiet while we were quiet, we felt a little panicked.”

757 landed safely

The 757 finally landed after about an hour and a half take off Safe in Denver. Once the passengers were able to exit the plane, they were able to inspect the damage to the cockpit window. “I’m really good at playing what if? So my thoughts go to: What could happen, a worst case-Scenario. I am grateful,” Wright continues. Then Delta Air Lines arranged another plane to take the passengers to Washington. “I have never been more grateful to stay at the airport for three hours longer.”

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a reason broken window

During the trip, the problem that arose after the maintenance of the machine became apparent. “As a precaution, the cabin crew have been diverted to Denver where the plane has made a routine landing,” Delta Airlines told KUTV. The airline then offered its “sincere apologies for the delay and inconvenience.”

The same thing happened to a Boeing 777-200 for British Airways just before Christmas. While the 757’s cockpit window was caused by a “maintenance issue,” a mass of ice falling from a machine flying higher smashed the 777’s windshield.

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