“Blokker customer data is on the street for months in a row due to a data breach in the web store” | Technique

"Blokker customer data is on the street for months in a row due to a data breach in the web store" |  Technique

The Blokker retail chain suffered a data breach for months, with the addresses and orders of hundreds of thousands of customers visible to everyone. Blokker confirms leak after earlier reports from TV show Cheated ?!. It sounds like “We are very sorry that this may happen.”

The Blokker website was revamped at the end of October and a leak likely began around that time. Then it was easy to see the orders, name, address, and phone number of customers. to me Cheated ?! It comes to data from more than 720,000 requests.

A person can “sniff” the knowledge of various customer data without complex texts or technical skills, according to the program’s reports on its website. Those who are logged in can simply change the unique order number to view personal data.

Identity fraud

He writes, “ This means that identity fraud is lurking, and this information is of course also exciting to malicious parties regarding possible fraud attempts. ” Cheated ?!. Ethical hacker Sijmen Ruwhof talks about a “data breach in which hundreds of thousands of personal data can be downloaded”.

“Not only is it a dangerous data breach, but it’s also clumsy because of its simplicity,” said Rohoff. “It is easy to find even for hobbyists and therefore easy to misuse. A hacker can recover all data from more than 720,000 unique requests within one day.” Moreover, the leak is “easy to fix”.


Retail trade through Cheated ?! He identified the leak, but did not disclose how many customers might have been affected. A spokeswoman said, “We have not yet discovered any misuse of the data.” She asserts that, in any case, no customers’ bank or payment details can be seen.

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Blokker made adjustments to close the data breach and reported to the Dutch data protection authority. “Blokker thinks it’s appalling that the data breach has occurred as a result of moving to a new website.”

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