Blockchain Netherlands is organizing Dutch Blockchain Week 2020 – you can expect it

Blockchain Netherlands is organizing Dutch Blockchain Week 2020 - you can expect it

Are you just getting started discovering the Blockchain data architecture? Or have you always been interested in Bitcoin and want to gain additional knowledge? Then Dutch Blockchain Week will be the must-attend event. This year, all activities can be followed digitally, including interesting guest speakers and great prizes.

What does Blockchain Netherlands (BCNL) do

Blockchain Netherlands (BCNL) has been in operation since 2016 and is a community of startups / scalers for blockchain, crypto and DLT in the Netherlands. More than 30 innovative organizations work together to achieve common goals. BCNL offers an international ecosystem, represents interests, regulates interaction, provides knowledge and stimulates collaboration.

The great thing about the organization is that it is completely not-for-profit, so all of the companies that participate in it come to the event with a completely different motivation than just making money. It’s all about sharing knowledge and we’re all taking advantage of that.

Enthusiasm among the blockchain community

There is an incredible amount of energy and movement in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community in the Netherlands. This is also considered international. Behind the scenes, creative and innovative people work hard every day to develop products and services with great added value. You don’t see that enthusiasm. Again in the news, While the community is eager to give these people and companies the recognition they deserve, which is why it is so good to be able to help create this great event, which we hope will be able to try out many versions. We have to show what great solutions we offer. If it weren’t for our wonderful partners, this wouldn’t have been possible, so we would like to thank them! ”

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Cryptocurrency Week

Dutch Blockchain Week takes place from December 2-8. The program offers a range of topics, industries, and speakers. All the great activities, awards presentation, and public event can be watched between December 2-8 via the BCNL website.

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Vote for awards

At least 6 prizes will be presented during Dutch Blockchain Week. These awards were created to put a number of key players in the community in the spotlight and give them recognition for their talent and commitment. The selection committee has already selected a number of this year’s finalists. You can vote for your favorites here.

More information on this event can be found at

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