Blast From The Past offers vintage and collectibles video games in Bay Shore – GreaterBayShore

Blast From The Past offers vintage and collectibles video games in Bay Shore - GreaterBayShore

If you have any kind of childhood, you’ll be able to find a bite of it in the new Bay Shore storefront on Main Street.

Encounter a blast from the past.

The store – located at 125 West Main Street in the old Pixie Dust space – takes customers into Memory Lane with its decades-old collections.

We’re talking about 1,200 square feet lined with classic comics, old-school action figures, retro video games, and pretty much anything else considered a “collector’s item”.

The store was founded by husband-and-wife team Rich and Christina McWilliams, who launched this week downtown.

For Rich, this is a project that’s about two things.

The first is to turn his lifelong collecting hobby into a profession.

The 34-year-old has spent most of his life building his own collection, traveling across states and across the world in search of things.

“Even when I go on family vacations like when we went to Bermuda, I still find myself looking for things,” Rich said laughing, in his constant search for the classics.

It’s also about sharing his passion with his neighbors.

He said, “A lot of people are looking for an outlet nowadays with everything that is happening in the world.” “I want to remind people of their past, perhaps even a simpler time where people lose themselves in a video game or comic book they read when they were young.”

And if you have a huge collection yourself, Rich says Blast From The Past will accept swaps, too.

Additionally, owners also want their store to be much more than retail.

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“We want to do things like throw costume competitions,” said Rich, a graduate of Bay Shore High School.

Blast From The Past will host a grand opening on December 11th where there will be gifts and raffles.

For updates on that, follow Blast From the Past on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Check out the photos below to get a sneak peek at Blast From The Past.

Top: Blast From The Past playing Rich and Christina McWilliams with their son, Leonardo

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