Bitcoin gift cards will soon go on sale at Swiss Shell gas stations

Bitcoin gift cards will soon go on sale at Swiss Shell gas stations

Switzerland is one of the most Bitcoin mindset Countries of the world. The nation’s largest supermarket chain, Manor, will sell Bitcoin vouchers at 59 stores.

This is reported by the Swiss daily Tages-Anzeiger. Shopping giant Valora is also following the same example: They’ll sell alleged Bitcoin gift cards at their stalls. This also includes Shell, BP and Avia stores.

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Bitcoin vouchers

Bitcoin vouchers are called “Cryptonow” and are a Värdex Suisse product. This is a cryptocurrency financial services provider and a subsidiary of the well-known Bitcoin Suisse exchange.

According to Värdex, the coupon is an easily accessible way to communicate with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They draw a comparison with digital gold coins. It is available in three variants, from 100 to 500 Swiss Francs (converted from 90 € to 450 €). Users can activate the card online after which the value in francs will be converted into Bitcoin, Satoshi units.

The fact that traditional sectors like retail are adopting cryptocurrencies is an indication that this sector is growing rapidly in the mountainous country (more than 8 million people). The number of companies in the so-called Crypto Valley in the Zug / Zürich region has increased by 680% since mid-2020.

The basis behind Diem, Facebook’s cryptocurrency, among others, is there, just like Ethereum Foundation, Cardano, and Tezos.

Better picture than in the Netherlands

Thus the picture surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is positive and hardly linked to criminal activities as politicians and policymakers in the Netherlands usually do. In some cities, you can even take advantage of your taxes with digital gold.

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Vouchers can be purchased in Swiss francs at physical exchange points or at 70 Bitcoin ATMs operated by Värdex Suisse. When exchanging, keep in mind the exchange rates from Bitcoin to fiat currency. Sellers use a flat rate of 1 CHF per gift card and conversion rates range between 5.9% and 7.9%.

Very nice as an experiment, but not a product that you can use very often due to the high rates.

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