Bitcoin (BTC) as a reward for a COVID-19 vaccination? Australian millionaire in the process of arranging “Cryptocurrency Insiders”

Bitcoin (BTC) als beloning voor COVID-19 vaccinatie Miljonair in Australië gaat het regelen

Major steps are being taken to control the global COVID-19 pandemic. According to the governments of many countries, vaccination is probably the most important way to do this. However, not everyone wants to be vaccinated for several reasons.

In order to raise the vaccination rate as high as possible, people who have doubts are persuaded in various ways. Both government agencies and private organizations try to persuade people to get vaccinated by way of bonuses, or vice versa by limiting the freedoms of unvaccinated people.

Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Jab

There is a file in Australia very special way used to accomplish this. Australian businessman and millionaire, Fred Shipista, will personally pay people in the country Bitcoin (BTC) If they can prove that they have recently been vaccinated.

Schebesta is the founder of the financial comparison website discoverer. Because this business was doing so well, he has now amassed a fortune of $155 million.

He will give each person about $5 in larger form Cryptocurrency. This means that Schebesta will have to pay about 104 million dollars if the entire population of Australia is vaccinated. This is more than half of his total assets.

“I have this strange idea now. I have never talked about this. We will give every person in Australia who is vaccinated $5 in Bitcoin.”

To get the reward, recipients must download the Finder app. In the app, people have to provide their vaccination certificate and then those users will be able to get $5 worth of bitcoin. Of course, everyone can get this bonus only once.

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Currently, less than half of the Australian population over the age of 16 has been vaccinated with at least one injection. The proportion of the fully vaccinated population is about 27%. Whether this action by Schebesta will have a noticeable effect on the vaccination rate remains to be seen, of course.

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