Bill Belischik praises Cam Newton

Bill Belischik praises Cam Newton

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It is believed that former Patriots midfielder Tom Brady wanted out of New England due in part to coach Bill Belischik’s failure to praise the midfielder enough for his efforts.

If this is the case with Brady, Belichick definitely takes a different approach with Brady’s successor.

“He came and did whatever we asked of him,” Bilesik told reporters on Monday about Cam Newton. “He was working. He is clearly a very talented player and looking forward to continuing to work with him. We will take it day in and day out, but he gave us everything he had and we tried to put the team in the best position we could compete in. We’ll see how it all comes out. I’m sure a lot of things. It will change as the season continues. We are where we are now and keep trying to improve every day. “

The only thing that can change is that a cam can be infected. A foot injury ended their 2019 season after two games, and a shoulder injury sealed off the promising 2018 course, as the team started 6-2.

However, if Newton manages to stay healthy (and if the Patriots manage to keep him healthy), the Patriots could end up in much better shape than anyone had imagined, with the midfielder having ended up remaining available in late June.

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