Bij1 Jursica Mills National Chairman Resigns

Bij1 Jursica Mills National Chairman Resigns

Gorica Mills.image of AT1

Mills took office in the run-up to the 2021 parliamentary elections. In her farewell message to members, she openly criticized the party. She writes that it is “full of toxicity, nepotism, and contradictions.” Similar criticism was expressed over the former prominent party Quincy Garrio, who was expelled from the party in July 2021.

“I’ve seen members want justice until a fair decision doesn’t suit them. These members like to have a flat organization, but they never want to be held accountable for their own behavior etc. As a black woman, I’ve never been approached,” Mills says in her email. from me and was not treated in such disrespect, not with fairness/integrity or gratuitousness, all under the guise of criticism.Let this sink in for a while.

Subsequent conflicts

In addition to the aforementioned rupture with Garrio, there are more frequent (and imminent) conflicts within the relatively young party. After Garrio was expelled, the Hague circuit was cut short with the national Bij1. Last month, the Amsterdam branch threatened to split into two camps, but at a meeting of General Members (A) the mood calmed again. The consequences of Mills’ resignation on the struggle for trends within Big 1 are currently unclear.

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