Big leap in zolm to improve water quality

Big Jump in de Zwalm voor een betere waterkwaliteit - Big Jump in de Zwalm voor een betere waterkwaliteit

Big Leap in Zolm to Improve Water Quality on July 10

Will you come or jump? On Sunday, July 10, thousands of citizens across Europe jumped into local rivers to draw attention to the quality and accessibility of the waterways. Zwalem Municipality, Flemish Visitor Center Ardennes – Boembekemolen (BC VlAr) and Milieufront Omer Wattez (MOW) will join the Little Switzerland Pond at 11am.

Across the country, many natural and environmental associations and local city authorities jump in. why? †By leaps and bounds, we are showing that as citizens we care about the quality of our rivers.” says Jo Van Cauwenberge, Director of GoodPlanet. It’s now the eighteenth edition of Big Jump.

The municipality of Zwalm, BC VlAr and MOW is taking a more sustainable approach with the lowest energy consumption and the least amount of waste possible. Hop on your bike or come take a walk and enjoy a delicious and honest drink. The first 100 visitors who sustainably go to the event will receive a free drink, as will the first 100 visitors who take the plunge. Confirm your presence at Only those who wear shoes and are over 12 years old can do so.

We also offer exciting fringe entertainment for all jumpers and spectators. Picking Combo provides the musical setting. You can also learn a lot from information boards about water quality and from various information kiosks. You can visit the owners Klein Zwitserland at all times for a drink and a relaxing terrace.

The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) describes the most important guidelines for our Flemish water policy. This obligates us to have all waterways of good quality by 2027. At present, no waterways meet the proposed standard. More than half of the waterways are not improving, and some are in decline.

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Unfortunately, the Flemish government’s river basin management plans, the Flemish translation of the WFD, are not sufficient: for less than 10% (of our 195 watercourses), the ambition is to qualitatively meet the WFD by 2027.

Are you also jumping in for better water quality?

All jumpers are expected on Sunday, July 10, from 10:30 a.m. at Little Switzerland Pool, Galerijpad 3, Zwalm, with swimming shoes. log via

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