Big behind the scenes issues surrounding one of today’s most popular series: ‘Yellowstone’

Big behind the scenes issues surrounding one of today's most popular series: 'Yellowstone'

Yellowstone is the most popular series on linear TV, but what about broadcast rights!?

Something bad is happening to Paramount. The most popular series in the United States is undoubtedly Yellowstone Currently, with 9.3 million viewers on Line TV. That’s nearly 81% more than you watched the third season. But things are not going well behind the scenes.

series Yellowstone Not from Paramount. Yes, it can be seen on Paramount Network, but no: not on Paramount+. The broadcast rights belong to Peacock, which is operated by NCBUniversal and owned by Comcast.

Yellowstone flow
No Yellowstone It’s becoming more and more popular, more people want to stream it, causing ViacomCBS to lose money. Comcast’s Peacock offers all three seasons on the streaming service.

Therefore, new episodes can only be watched on the Paramount Network or on Peacock. Otherwise, you can buy it on Amazon. But everything is separate from Paramount +, where Yellowstone Not available at all. Fans who want to broadcast the new season will have to wait 90 (!) days after the final broadcast on Line TV to watch it.

The problem really started with the development of the series. Yellowstone It was purchased from HBO by The Weinstein Company, but was too expensive to stream on TV. And so he ended up with Viacom looking for something for the Paramount Network.

After several women accused Harvey Weinstein of sexually opposite behavior in 2017, the series moved to Paramount Network. And when the show aired in 2018, it had no streaming service. Thus, Paramount Network decided to sell the broadcast rights to Peacock for $1.5 million per episode.

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ViacomCBS Tried To Buy The Rights, But Peacock Makes Too Much Money Yellowstone to give up its broadcasting rights.

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