Biden: Trump is still blocking the transfer of power now

Biden: Trump is still blocking the transfer of power now

The outgoing administration of US President Donald Trump is still trying to prevent a smooth transition of power, especially in the defense sphere. This was said by President-elect Joe Biden during a speech on Monday.

According to Biden, his transition team is dealing with “barriers” by the Ministry of Defense. “At the moment, we are not getting from the outgoing board of directors all the information we need regarding national security. It’s nothing short of irresponsibility in my opinion,” Biden said in a speech from his home town of Wilmington. Delaware, USA.

Biden’s team had previously complained that the Defense Department was canceling briefings and withholding information. The Pentagon denied this.

US Defense Secretary Chris Miller said in a statement on Monday that 164 talks with 400 officials and that the Pentagon had delivered more than 5,000 pages of documents to Biden’s transition team.

Trump still denies the election results

Trump still refuses to admit to losing the US presidential election in November. There has not been a meeting yet between the incumbent president and Biden, and it is not clear if he will do so before the inauguration on January 20.

Traditionally, the outside powers in the United States work with the incoming team to ensure a smooth transition in the name of the national interest. The orderly handover of official duties is legal after the presidential elections.

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