Biden signs decree to protect ancient forests

Biden signs decree to protect ancient forests

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US President Joe Biden has signed a decree to provide more protection for ancient forests in the United States. He did so during a visit to Seattle, in the American Northwest, an area known for its wild nature. Friday is also “Earth Day”, a global initiative that aims to make people aware of the special nature of the Earth.

The decree stresses the importance of ancient forests in the fight against climate change, as well as the fragility of forests at a time when wildfires are ravaging the United States. The White House said in a statement that forests are an important climate solution. According to Washington, US forests absorb about 10 percent of US carbon dioxide emissions.

Under President Biden, the United States has made more progress on climate policy. For example, after taking office in 2021, he brought the United States back into the Paris climate agreement, from which his predecessor Donald Trump withdrew.


In the US Congress, Biden is struggling to get major climate proposals through, which means the steps are often taken by decree. But since such decrees do not require parliamentary approval, it is also easy to reverse them when the next president takes office.

The current decree requires US wildlife managers to inventory ancient forests and map the threats within a year.

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