Biden says he will not accept Putin’s ‘red line’ | Abroad

Biden says he will not accept Putin's 'red line' |  Abroad

“We’ve known about Russia’s actions for a long time and I expect to have a lengthy discussion with Putin,” Biden said before leaving for Camp David at the weekend. Biden and Putin are expected to meet next week.

Biden says he is working with European allies to prevent a Russian attack on Ukraine. “I’m setting up a set of initiatives that I think are very comprehensive and important, and that will make it very difficult for Putin to do what people think he will do.” There are fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. There are said to be about 70,000 Russian soldiers along the border with Ukraine.

Russia plans to launch an attack on Ukraine in 2022

Russia is said to be preparing to invade Ukraine with more than 175,000 troops early next year, the Washington Post reported, based on a document from US intelligence services and conversations with anonymous sources.

At the moment, it is believed that about 70 thousand Russian soldiers are close to the border with Ukraine, but US intelligence agencies expect to increase the number to 175 thousand. The Americans expect in the coming period that Russia will continue to move its forces “to hide intentions and create a state of uncertainty.”

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